office prepaid Pay as you go Computer – By Microsoft

Microsoft has filed a patent for a unique simple but powerful business idea, The patent was filed back in 2007, but the U.S. Patent Office published it on Christmas Day 2008

We are unsure if Microsoft goes fully functional implementing this patent but its good that instead of paying for all the hardware and software upfront, the initial purchase price would be subsidized by the manufacturer. Microsoft says it could charge $1.00 per hour for an “office” bundle, $1.25 for gaming, and $0.80 for web browsing.

The current business model for computer hardware and software relies on a user purchasing a computer with hardware and software that is suited to the most demanding applications that the user expects to encounter,” Microsoft writes. “Therefore, a user may buy a multi-core processor with a significant amount of memory and advanced video support for gaming applications that are only used on the weekend, while the user’s day-in, day-out activities may involve little more than word processing or web-browsing.

What do you think, will Microsoft be successful in its pay as you go computer services?

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