image195 Pano: Create Panoramic images with your iPhoneCreating a panoramic imaging has taken photography to the next level and eyes are on the look out for applications that can give this effect to the countless images we have in store. Panorama might be one of the pioneers in bringing such technology to the iPhone but another startup jumps in as competition. Pano from Debacle Software is another application added to the App Store giving you a chance to do something extra with those pictures.

Using the software, iPhone users can make capture what ever they want. The images taken are saved on the camera roll and after being put together using certain algorithms puts out a neat panoramic image that appears to have been taken in a single shot.

image thumb125 Pano: Create Panoramic images with your iPhone

It comes with a prize tag of $2.99 which I guess would be the perfect cost who can’t afford the $9.99 Panorama. The only drawback with this is the number of images you can give a panoramic effect to. Users can only have up to five images that too taken consecutively. However one can’t really expect an iPhone application to offer a PC like functionality.

I think its a nice little application that can improve presently by letting users play with more than 5 images. Interested? hit to download.