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myspace logo MySpace Generating $30M a Month and Some Drama
Mashable is reporting that MySpace now generates $30M a month out of which $24M are from US revenues whereas the rest of it comes from the rest of the world. The analysis is originally done by Richard Greenfield, but says nothing about the Google deal. So the Web2.0 and social networking craze is finally generating a bit of green bucks. Fox acquired MySpace in fall of 2005 for $580M, which many claimed to be a grab.

The monthly revenue are expected to double year on year and hence will touch $60M by same time next year.

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yahoomail logo Yahoo Mail Announces Unlimited Storage, Takes On Gmail
In a bid to out-google google, Yahoo has announced free unlimited email storage to all users starting from May 2007. Yahoo Mail currently offers 1GB storage per account and charges $20/year for a 2GB account.

With this announcement Yahoo mail now surpasses GMail´s 2.8GB+ and Live Mail´s 2GB storage limit by an unlimited margin. Yahoo mail came into existence as RocketMail (which offered 2MB storage limit) almost a decade ago. Yahoo acquired RocketMail in 1997 and relaunched it as Yahoo Mail (storage got doubled to 4MB) in 1997.

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 Payoneer Raises $4M For Payment Service
Payoneer, a New York based startup that lets bloggers use prepaid debit cards to pay their errands, has recieved $4M from Greylock Partners. Earlier investor Crossbar Capital and Cross Bearm Capital also participated in the round. This takes the total capital raised so far to $5M.

The unique feature of Payoneer payments is the debit option, which makes it easier for bloggers and other small businesses to make payments. Other payment services do not allow you to have debit option, which makes payment a rather time consuming activity, more so if its an international payment. So in essence its a prepaid MasterCard, with fewer setup steps, and is easier and cheaper than PayPal.

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 Xobni Raises $4.6M for Inbox Analytics
Xobni, a startup that wants to sort out your inbox and generate useful stats for you, has raised $4.6M in Series A funding from Khosla Ventures.

Xobni is one of its kind analytics service targeting email market and is doing pioneering work in the identification of pseudospam, and email prioritization. Xobni tracks time spent writing emails, how quickly you respond to emails, When to contact a busy person, When you receive most emails, How much time you spend reading emails and so on. Xobni recieved seed funding from Y Combinator and we covered it in Y Combinator funded companies.


 ZenZui: A New Mobile Web Interface From MicrosoftZenZui is a spinoff from Microsoft that primarily is a web browser geared towards making web surfing easier from mobile devices. According to the official statement “It is designed to transform how people engage, consume and interact with the web content through revolutionary mobile user experience and information ecosystem.”

ZenZui divides the mobile screen into 36 6×6 virtual grid of website widgets. These widgets can then be panned and zoomed in or out using touchscreen or number pad. Users can zoom all the way into one widget and as far out as a 4×4 grid of widgets.

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 Yahoo Groups, Integration With Yahoo Answers, Improved
Yahoo Groups, the most popular online email group service yesterday announced some major improvements. Amongst them the notable ones are:

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techmeme logo Startup Squad Wants a new TechMeme
Startup Squad has highlighted a very real an imminent problem in the Technorati and TechMeme algorithm and visualization of blogosphere i.e “They dont archive the blogosphere in a chronological order”.

What this means is that the users are unable to find out who actually broke the story and who leeched onto it 10 hours later. So popular blogs could at times just get the news from else where and take credit for it as far as Google, Technorati and Techmeme are concerned. This is not a new issue Andy Beard reported an actual event in which he broke a story but Mashable was credited for it.

I personally think this would be a great feature and one that is highly needed. So TechMeme if you are reading, do consider churning it out quickly as this will address a terrible need of a Long Tail of Bloggers in almost all domains. A new entrant might as well take a shot at it, the idea is genuine and the need is real.
 Startup Squad Wants a new TechMeme

 Admob raised $15M, Claimes to be Mobile Ad King
Admob, which claims to be the largest mobile ad platform, has raised $15M in a second round of financing. The round was led by Accel Partners and included the existing investor Sequoia Capital. Admobs launched last year and has served more than 1.6 BN ads. The company claims to top player in this space ahead of Third Screen Media.

Admob and Third Screen Media are in a claims clash as well with Admob claiming to serve 600 million ads in Feb and March and Third Screen Media announcing 175 Million impressions served. Admobs has 1200 publishers in 160 countries. It allows advertisers to target geography, behavior, demography amongst other things.

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 Uber, Yet Another Social Network From Friendster Alumni
Last week Friendster´s co-founder launched Socializr, yet another social event manager. It seems that Scott Sassa, the former CEO of friendster does not want to miss out the party and is joining in with Uber, yet another social network in the making. This is just not stopping and every now and then a new social network pops up. I dont know how many we need or bear up with.

As for Scott he remained CEO of friendster for less than an year and left at the time of meltdown in June 2005. Before joining friendster he served as President of NBC West Coast. It is yet to be seen how fruitful will be the connections with the media industry and how much he has learned from the friendster debacle.
 Uber, Yet Another Social Network From Friendster Alumni

 Get RSS Alerts in Google Talk With Anothr
Anothr, has now announced integration with Google Talk. The service aims to become an RSS delivery platform to Instant Messengers and launched last year by delivering alerts to Skype.

In order to add anothr all a user has to do is add anothr@gmail.com as a friend in Google Talk and start off by typing “?” to get help. Anothr allows you to manage your feeds from the command line.

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