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 Photobucket Launches Real Time Video Uploader, Nears Exit
Photobucket has launched a real time video uploader. The uploader allows Windows users to instantly upload clips using the drag and drop functionality and share the moment it is uploaded without any time lag. This is really a great achievement and will spur growth as there is nothing that users love more than “instant gratification”. Users could also trim and slice the beginning and end of videos before uploading and upload directly from the webcam using their new real-time encoding client.

Another new enhancement is Remixing. Users can now mashup any videos or photos from their album, add captions, bubbles and party favors like hats, noses and eyeballs. Photobucket initially has 500 songs in there collection and a selection of videos to remix from.

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 Kontrib is a Digg in Multiple Languages
Kontrib is a digg clone in multiple languages. Whenever a story is posted to Kontrib, it automatically translates it into many supported languages.

In order to submit a story, users have to register after which an article could be submitted. Once an article is submit Kontrib translates it immediately into Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Support for more languages is upcoming. Kontrib does not only translate the article summary but also translates the actual article by crawling it via the link provided. The comments gets similar treatment.

This is really a good service as most of the times specially in political scenarios we are left with just english version of the story, just because the Arabic or Spanish version is indigestible. Kontrib will surely change this and i personally think that it will gain traction, all it needs is some event or a viral story posted to its site. I must confess that this is the first Digg clone that I liked.

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 Original Signal Launches User Powered Frontpage for Web2.0 News
Original Signal has launched a user driven front page for their site, which allows users to select the best bits currently around the web in real time.

The front page is user powered and the content that shows on this page is filtered by users visiting the orginal signal aggregator page. The criteria for determining the popularity is a guarded secret, but could involve the number of clicks on a page, time period in which those clicks were generated and so on.

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 Tailrank Spins Its Platform as a Service
Tailrank has launched Spinner, a service that has opened up its platform and infrastructure to all those who want to crawl the blogosphere and do something about it.

So now you don’t need to build a spider, crawl the blogosphere and build a huge index just so that you have to do something about it. Just use Tailrank´s index via an API which already has 1M blogs indexed, crawls 25K posts/hour, spam protection, language categorization, complex trust ranking, real time ping support and so on.

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 Serph Launches Social Meta Search Engine & Buzz Tracking
Serph has launched a new meta search engine and meme tracker that will let you track what “other people are talking in the blogosphere or the general web at the moment”.

Serph is a little different from Technorati (which is littered with splogs) in a way that it is designed to track the buzz much like Techmeme does at the moment. While Techmeme´s approach is to seed the system with trusted blogs manually, Serph will track and aggregate buzz from Feedster, Bloglines, Topix, Technorati, Sphere, Youtube, Digg, Podzinger, Google Blog Search and others. The results are then sorted and organized so the most recent buzz appears first. Users can also subscribe to an RSS feed for searches.

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 Scribd is Youtube for Documents, Literally
When Techcrunch first reviewd Scribd, they called the service a “Youtube for Documents” and indeed Scribd is turning out to be a Youtube for documents in more ways than one.

Just as on Youtube, Scribd for the first time has made it dead simple to share documents with people at large. The User Interface, comments, tagging and ratings are similar to Youtube if not a blatant copy. Just as Youtube, Scribd´s internal dynamics encourages copy right violations and they are adopting similar tactics to cope with it “We will take it down, if and when you will ask us to do so”, but till than it won’t hurt us to ride on the traffic generated by such documents. And last but not least posting and viewing could be done anonymously, so no one can catch you for any violations what so ever.

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 Pyro.tv Launches, Slick Video Aggregator
Vibe Solutions, has launched a video aggregator, Pyro.tv. Pyro.tv enables users to create personalized channels, search for popular channels, subscribe to these channels and others users etc. It is in essence a video feedreader, something that Youtube´s channel subscription feature has almost accomplished. Users can also embed their clips in MySpace, Friendster and other social networks.

The real value of creating channels for videos will come with the videos itself and unless and until pyro.tv gets a huge collection of that i dont see it to be of great use. When it comes to building a repository of videos even the great google couldnt beat youtube at its game. For now i guess users would be happy with making channels and subscribing to videos on youtube.
 Pyro.tv Launches, Slick Video Aggregator

 StreatAdvisor Launches Localized Neighbourhood Reviews
StreetAdvisor will be launching today to enable people to easily get access to and review their neighbourhood and more.

StreetAdvisor is based in Australia and aims to become a highly targeted social network for your neighbourhood and streets. It will allow the community to share the essence of their locality by allowing them to share information like street noise, public transportation info, street and night life, gossips and stories of the community. Other social network goodies like ranking, reviews, street maps etc are naturally included.

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Google Partners With LG

 Google Partners With LG
WSJ is reporting(subscription required) that Google has entered into a partnership with LG Mobile to provide Google applications pre installed on its mobile devices.

Users might be able to get Google Search, Gmail, Google Maps, and Blogger amongst other things pre installed on their LG mobile phones.  At the moment we dont know for sure what apps will be loaded or not on the phone, as nothing concrete has come out from either company.

Ever since its IPO Google has really played smartly as far as partnerships are concerned. It partnered with firefox to have firefox search box default to Google, it partnered with Dell to have Google software pre installed on Dell machines, it partnered with MySpace and Friendster to be a default search engine for the social networks. Google wants to reach as many people by default as it can. It knows fair well that Microsoft didnt killed Netscape by making IE better, rather by making it a default browser option for people.

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 Fliptrack raises $1.5M, Launches Slideshows Synched with Music
Fliptrack has raised $1.5M in Series A funding from Mohr Davidow Ventures and have launched their service. Fliptrack allows users to generate slide shows of their photos and sync them with music.

Photo slideshows is a saturated market with Slide, RockYou and Photobucket trying to cut eachothers throat. The distinctness of Fliptrack in this cut throat competition is the ability ot sync music of your choice with the slideshows. The web editer is extremely easy to use and is almost automated. All you need to do to make a FlipTrack, a slideshow on the service, is to pick a music track and upload your desired photos from your pc, website or the social network that you are using. The rest is their job.

You can also use drag and drop to order photos, create effects and transitions, add captions, crop, rotate and pan images. FlipTrack also plans to add video editing to its service. There is however one problem with all this, any existing service like Slide, Photobucket can add this functionality into their feature set in order to out do fliptrack It will be interesting to see what they will do if and when this happens.

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