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After a month of hard work traffic has finally started to pour in. This is good news not only for us, but also for the startups. The sole purpose of this effort was and still is to help out startups in as many ways as I possibly can. The reviews that we do are certainly not the only way in which we are helping out the startups, in case you haven’t notice I embark on providing free consultancy and advice to who so ever wants to seek it.

And now I will be offering free ads on Startup Meme starting from 1st April 2007. This isn’t something that I thought over night, but was in my plans right from the very beginning, was just waiting for a while to disclose it. I have allocated 10 125×125 pixel sized Ad units in the sidebar. Every month these Ad places would be allocated to 10 aspiring new startups.

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Top 5 Startup Focused Blogs

 Top 5 Startup Focused Blogs
I now have been covering startups since a month. Its a hard and daunting task with so many startups poping up every day from all corners of the world. I thought it would be worth while to cover other such blogs, see how they are doing and if they have a special angle to it. So lets jump to it.

techcrunch logo Top 5 Startup Focused BlogsTechcrunch is definitely not the oldest blog to cover startups but it sure owns the no 1 spot with a Google page rank of 8 and Technorati rank of 9. Techcrunch generates around 1,10,000+ visits and 1,35,000+ pageviews a day, and has around 3,42,000 subscribers. Techcrunch is edited by Michael Arrington and now spans a network of blogs ranging from domain focused ones to location centric ones. Techcrunch covers startups in general and other technology news and has become famous for its spicy and crunch reviews. Techcrunch recently scored a big win for the blogsphere by attracting an executive from Fox Interactive Media, a large media company.

 Top 5 Startup Focused BlogsGigaOM is the largest blog to focus on broadband and VoIP, but now also cover online games and Web2.0, with a Google pagerank of 8 and Technorati rank of 56. GigaOM does not openly provide feed and traffic stats but safe estimates would put the monthly pageviews in excess of 1million and feed subscribers in excess of 1,00,000. GigaOM is edited by Om Malik, who prior to becoming a full time blogger was a senior writer at Business 2.0 magazine covering telecom and broadband stories.

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Netvibes Continues to Impress

 Netvibes Continues to Impress
Hot on the heals of Universal Widget API release, Netvibes launched the Coriander edition of their popular startup web page. Even before we could have digested all this, they have come up with top 5 things we didn’t knew.

Now you could just drag and drop any module from the sidebar and have it on your page. Can it get any easier than this ?
netvibes2 dragndrop Netvibes Continues to Impress

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 Microsoft Buying DoubleClick to Compete with Google in Targeted Ads
WSJ is reporting on a tip from Bloomberg that Microsoft is buying DoubleClick an ad-serving network. The price tag is rumored to be around $2 billion, which is a hefty amount even for some insiders. This clearly shows how desperate Microsoft has become to compete with Google at all costs, if they cant build it, they’ll buy it.

DoubleClick helps better targeting of ads via its technology called Dart. It also monitors the performance of ads and help create successful campaigns for marketing companies. DoubleClick went public in 1998 at $4.25 per share and reached $134 on the first day of trading. The almost went bust in 2000 when share price dropped to $4.53.

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 Google Notebook Becomes Multi Lingual, Does Anyone Care ?
Google Notebook has just been released in 17 additional languages besides English. Wondering what the service really is ? Google Notebook lets you collect and clip useful information (text, images and links) from web pages while you are browsing. You can then organize these notes into different sections by just drag and drop. It also allows you to share your notes by making them public. So it is your personal collection of useful notes from the web.

Google Notebook is one of those services from Google that have gained little or no traction, I haven’t heard many bloggers talking about it or users using it. I would suggest that instead of wasting time on certain eye candy features, the notebook team should go for integration of notebook with other Google services like Orkut, Gmail, Finance and so on.
googlenotebooktour1 Google Notebook Becomes Multi Lingual, Does Anyone Care ?

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Web 2.0 is a Great Time Sink

 Web 2.0 is a Great Time Sink
Webworker Daily has a very nice post regarding the double edged sword of Web 2.0, original research for which was carried out by Clearswift. Our lives are now filled with shiny distractions in the form of Youtube (for the video viewers), Flickr (for the photo addicts), Facebook and MySpace (for the young aspiring daters and people trying to stay in touch), Digg (for the geeks) and what not. So no matter who you are and what your taste is Web2.0 has something in store to make you a lazy and unproductive fellow. The key findings of the research are:

  • 43% of office workers access social media sites from their work computers several times a day.
  • 51% spend an hour or more a week on the sites; 13% spend five hours or more.
  • 46% have discussed work-related issues on social media sites.
  • 46% regularly access Wikipedia during work hours.
  • 50% believe they have a right to use work computers for personal internet access

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 Blatant Plagiarism in the Blogosphere, or Is it ?

Editorial Note: Readers are requested to read the comments before making any judgement about anyone.

For quiet sometime now Vivek Puri a young and opinionated blogger is complaining about blatant plagiarism of his leads by some big shots without acknowledgement. He grew desperate and suggested that a new blog tracker be developed that not only shows whats hot in the blogosphere but also visualize who got the scoop first hand and who later leeched onto it. In simple words he wants blog and meme trackers to show posts around a certain topic in chronological order.

I covered the entire event here, and discussed an incident that happened prior to it. A few hours back few hours back when i visited Startup Squad, I found a post regarding JobCoin. I found the service interesting and thought of reviewing it after I get my hands free from other stuff. The story was certainly not reported on Mashable by that time and appeared on it afterwards. The reason I am so sure about it is because I keep all the startup and web 2.0 focused blogs opened in multiple firefox tabs and refresh them simultaneously when I get free from a review.

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 Microsoft Attacks Apple IPhone; Top 5 Reasons the Outcome will be Different this Time
A good 2 decades ago Apple Computers unveiled the Apple Macintosh a personal computer that was a revolutionary innovation in terms of User Interface and Usability. Microsoft responded to it not by creating its own PC but just by developing (they actually got it from somewhere) an Operating System, Windows. What happened next is history and is taught in the CS curriculum around the world.

Fast forward 2 decades, Apple launches iPhone a phone that is atleast a decade ahead of its time when it comes to usability and interface design. Microsoft is targeting it once again, not with a phone of its own but once again a piece of software, DeepFish.

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 Photobucket Launches Real Time Video Uploader, Nears Exit
Photobucket has launched a real time video uploader. The uploader allows Windows users to instantly upload clips using the drag and drop functionality and share the moment it is uploaded without any time lag. This is really a great achievement and will spur growth as there is nothing that users love more than “instant gratification”. Users could also trim and slice the beginning and end of videos before uploading and upload directly from the webcam using their new real-time encoding client.

Another new enhancement is Remixing. Users can now mashup any videos or photos from their album, add captions, bubbles and party favors like hats, noses and eyeballs. Photobucket initially has 500 songs in there collection and a selection of videos to remix from.

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 Kontrib is a Digg in Multiple Languages
Kontrib is a digg clone in multiple languages. Whenever a story is posted to Kontrib, it automatically translates it into many supported languages.

In order to submit a story, users have to register after which an article could be submitted. Once an article is submit Kontrib translates it immediately into Arabic, English, French and Spanish. Support for more languages is upcoming. Kontrib does not only translate the article summary but also translates the actual article by crawling it via the link provided. The comments gets similar treatment.

This is really a good service as most of the times specially in political scenarios we are left with just english version of the story, just because the Arabic or Spanish version is indigestible. Kontrib will surely change this and i personally think that it will gain traction, all it needs is some event or a viral story posted to its site. I must confess that this is the first Digg clone that I liked.

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