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iPhone 4s Unlocked Unlocked iPhone 4S Coming In November, A Bit Expensive, Arent They?

You read that right, Apple is finally embracing the free iPhone, I mean free of carrier. The news came in today, a day after the sad demise of Steve Jobs owing to his long illness and Pancreatic Cancer and Apple following the visionary’s path, is back in business, staying hungry, staying foolish. I am sure Steve Jobs would have done the same, resumed work immediately after leaving planet Earth, I mean if this was possible by any means.

Just not one thing though, Apple isn’t selling Free iPhone 4S nor is it having Cheap iPhone devices. These unlocked iPhone 4S will be available November onwards and will begin from 16GB costing $649 to the 64GB costing a whopping $849. I guess many would rather go for the contract based device and than manually unlock it. It is a good news for people in countries like Pakistan where people usually have to take a really expensive route at getting an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS, even now. With this everyone can buy a Factory Unlocked iPhone fairly cheaply. Finally the search queries like Free iPhone, Cheap iPhone, iPhone 4 unlock will be lessening.

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image thumb5 Steve Jobs Day As Ex CEO–The Man’s Food Was Apple

A countless people are in shock over the death of Steve Jobs. The man had more than one product, a great vision to offer to the modern world. I wont compare him to Edison or anyone, he was and will be Steve Jobs. I just came across the above image I had saved of his daily tasks after he stepped down as the Apple CEO and he definitely knew not what resting is. I understand, when you take a bow from pushing forth your vision, the energy and enthusiasm lives, gets stronger because no one understands your vision more than yourself.

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desktop computer dodo 1 Are Mobiles Charging To Kill The Desktop

With football season kicking into full gear, the number of mobile searches will dramatically increase. Imagine a group of guys huddled around the TV watching the game. Everyone is loud and raucous for the first half which makes their appetite for the essential food groups, beer, and wings grow exponentially. Halftime is soon approaching and everyone needs a refill on beer and something to fuel them up for the next half. Buffalo Wild Wings airs an ad that lets their guests pull up a coupon on their mobile phones to present at their closest location by using ip geolocation. Everyone of the famished football fanatics reaches for their device, does a Google search for the coupon, and heads to the closest dining establishment.

With the prevalence of smartphones and tablets, it is becoming more important to make sure your mobile marketing campaign is on even keel with your overall marketing strategy. Buffalo Wild Wings couldn’t market their restaurants as effectively if they relied on a purely desktop SEO strategy. More businesses are using to their mobile strategy to reach out to potential consumers instead of relying solely on their traditional desktop campaigns.

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image thumb4 Dear Steve Jobs–I Have No Words, Just That I Stay Hungry, I Stay Foolish

Dear Steve Jobs,

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image thumb3 iPhone 4S Price $199 Available At Sprint On October 14

You read it right! The iPhone 4S now announced will be available at Sprint on October 14 with the pricing slashing the costs on previous iPhone devices. As per the news we have got the details on the pricing and it is as follows for both the white and the black models.

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xlarge the new iphone 4s iPhone 5 NO It’s The iPhone 4S Announced Instead: Siri, iCloud All Coming October 12!

As I said, the iPhone 5 will not be released because Apple had screwed over a lot of things. From delayed screens, to what not. Apple even went down with the Ban Samsung Galaxy Tab in Germany, Australia and anywhere it could have the Samsung tablet banned. All this was done to hide the shame it was destined to face by delaying the iPhone 5.

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image thumb2 iPhone 5 Release Set To Be Announced At The Apple Event

We are all anxious, figuring out the right Hashtag [#] for the Apple Media Event, iPhone, iPod Touch, etc on Twitter. Keeping our eyes open on all those live blogging right from the event, news, photos, etc. Hoping to get our readers the best of the event. While this is still a short while away. We thought we would create a welcome room to begin with the coverage.

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iPhone 5 release iPhone 5 Release Still Flamed With Rumors, More Cases RevealedThat’s it. This is perhaps the last round of rumors you will be reading here before the next generation of the iPhone is announced by Tim Cook a few hours from now at the Apple Media Event. This is certainly one of the most hyped up events since the launch of the original iPhone back in the day. Maybe its because a lot has happened during this short while, from Steve Jobs stepping down as the CEO of Apple to the brand actually introducing two models of the iPhone simultaneously. The iPhone 4S and the iPhone 5. (Read More »)

If you thought what exactly made Apple run after Samsung and accuse it of infringing its patents, you are at the right place to have that answered. Following are a few pictures that surprisingly reveals how the Korean manufacturer had earned a bad name. And more importantly destroyed its Reputation.

If you still think Apple was wrong, think again, this is ultimate. I just wonder what new patent wars will open up with the release of the iPhone 5.

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apple store hong kong iPhone 5 Release Will Be The Perfect Start To The Hong Kong Apple Store

With the iPhone 5 release imminent we are gearing up for CEO Tim Cook to walk up the stage and reveal the next generation of iPhone. To be honest it has been one of the annoying iPhone when it comes to rumors. However this will end, finally, tomorrow when we finally get done with all the iPhone rumors. Maybe an iPhone 4S, the White iPhone 5 and God knows what else is coming tomorrow, but it will definitely put all iPhone 5 related things in perspective.

There have been news on Apple opening up new Apple Store in the Hong Kong region, which is tipped to be the most expensive one. From MIC Gadget site the details of the Hong Kong Apple store are:

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