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If you thought the word had little reasons for you to LOL, you need to think again. All you need to do is trust your iPhone Autocorrect or any other autocorrect on any other phone and send messages that are everything but sane. We thought about putting up a list of top iPhone Autocorrect Fails in this post to share with our readers. The purpose, to start the new week on a lighter note and warn you to not trust Autocorrect.

STD For Halloween

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For those of you with an iPhone 4S and the much claimed Siri, good news is that the iPhone 4S has been jailbroken. The news has been confirmed by the Jailbreak expert MuscleNerd and we will all be hearing more about this in days to come.

image thumb13 iPhone 4S Jailbreak Possible, ETA Not Expected

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123592314 Steve Jobs Biography Already Selling At Heathrow Airport In London Before Official Release October 24

Steve Jobs was great, so great that his death left a massive impact on every one around. To us Steve Jobs was more of a Mindset than just a man. Everyone who knew about the man, anyone who had ever used an Apple product. From the lovers of Macs to the iPod Touch, iPhone and the iPad, he gave everyone a reason to love their device and many more to own what he calls the rip off of Apple products (though I totally disagree with the last one). Steve Jobs book, the biography was certainly one of those that everyone anxiously waited for and with his death, the demand has grown by leaps and bounds. The book Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is set to be on shelves on Monday, October 24.

That’s the official date, but apparently one of the stores in London has the book already available on sale. If you are in London, you can go to the Heathrow Airport of WH Smith and grab your copy about the genius Steve Jobs.

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image thumb12 Outsource Your IT Infrastructure–Why It Can Prove To Be Beneficial

A changing economic and business climate has required many firms to take a good hard look at their budgetary needs. Even though robust and dependable Dell IT Services are crucial for the success of continual operation for an organization, the need to find ways to save money requires thinking outside of the box. A fully staffed IT department may no longer be a financial reality for companies looking to right-size their organization. This doesn’t mean that the need for quality tech support will diminish. Quite the contrary, as hardware and computer applications continue to evolve, the corporate world continues to need fully trained and knowledgeable technicians available to assist with day-to-day operations.

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Gmail Down Again

failwhale Gmail Down Again

It appears Google has taken a dump with the dump of Google Buzz, Jaiku and many other services it plans to kill. It appears that Gmail is down globally and where it is working, it is very slow. Make that very very slow as a matter of fact. Any clues why Gmail is down?

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LED Technologu Lighting Things Up Differently With LED Technology

While there is a good chance you have seen these cars racing furiously fast in movies glowing in beautiful and sleek ways. Do I need to mention Fast and the Furious here? This comes from lighting that is changing how we are going to be quite literally seeing the future. LED lights have fast become a viable alternative to traditional lighting. And the technology doesn’t stop there. Aside this remarkable lighting technology being utilized in traditional vehicle bulbs and the underside of cool street cars this state of the art lighting technology is being used in some innovative ways. Now even our display devices are using the same technology.

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image thumb11 Internet TV Is Veoh The Perfect Place For Fans?

Veoh is a very interesting Internet TV site; it not only provides a huge selection of TV shows or videos but also streams some videos directly from other Internet TV sites such as Hulu. This is quite a good strategy as it allows Veoh to expand its library and that too without having to store the videos. What more does a site need than this?

The thing that is quite frustrating about Veoh, which is worth mentioning, is the fact that the content available on the site is quite cluttered. Compared to other sites, the clips and videos available on Veoh are often misleading and irrelevant since the clips are mixed with the full episodes that you are looking for.  The reason for all this cluttering is that many clips and videos are submitted by the users, so when you search for a specific video you will come across the search result showing many irrelevant videos and user content that is of no interest to you. Due to these unprofessional and user-submitted clips, the site often looks amateur when you are searching for professional TV shows. (Read More »)

image thumb10 Google News: 190 Million Android Devices Activated, That’s Half A Million Daily!

576,900 Android Device activations a day is a mammoth number. And Google is rejoicing the number that prove the growing popularity of the Android platform. The number has gone up by almost 100,000 from June, when it was reported that Android activations total to 500,000 devices on a daily basis.

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image thumb8 iOS 5 Download Available For iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPad And The iPod Touch

While I was thinking that the iOS 5 is still some days away from the final release news broke out that it is out. Apple just now announced the release of the final version of the iOS 5 for the users, bringing with it the numerous improvements that had been promised.

This is turning out big with the iPhone 4S preorders hitting over 1 Million in a day, the iCloud released earlier and iPhone 4S to hit stores on October 14, things are about to change for iOS device users. While you wont be able to experience Siri until you actually own the iPhone 4S on iOS 5, you can always enjoy the improvements on the previous generations of the iPhone, iPad and the iPad 2 as well as the iPod Touch.

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image thumb7 iPhone 4S Is Followed By iCloud Release, iOS 5 To Follow Soon

With the iPhone 4S sales hitting past the 1 Million mark in the first 24 hours, Siri getting all the positive press, Apple had little to delay its much talked iCloud. The cloud storage service which was to be released with the iOS5 has been pushed out today. With, users will be able to store their data  on the virtual storage service.

The iCloud should pull Apple out of the misery that MobileMe brought forth. I mean Apple has been an industry changer in terms of mobile, computing and music devices in the likes of the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch, the company hasn’t been impressive in the online business. The iCloud is expected to change the game for Apple and how people use their iPhone, iPod and the iPad. The iOS 5 users will be given 5GB of free iCloud Storage. Of course this is for free and you can purchase extra space as per your requirement.

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