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image thumb69 How To Root Google Nexus S On Android Gingerbread

Is there anything that is impossible or undoable for the developers/hackers? I bet not! Give them anything new and the first thing they would want to do is modify or alter it to be in total command. Nexus S is no exception and some of those smart folks have already Rooted the Nexus S on Gingerbread.

In case you aren’t aware, Rooting your Android based device lets you play around and overclock your CPU, flash desired ROMS, get rid of the lousy Carrier loaded apps, etc. I did that on my HTC Desire and it looks better now and even more smarter folks have done this with the latest, Nexus S.

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Only ten days back the developer behind JailbreakMe and Spirit, Comex confirmed the news of the untethered jailbreak for the iOS 4.2.1 coming before Christmas and we saw how interested people were about it. Today MuscleNerd from the iPhone Dev Team has made that more concrete.

image thumb66 Confirmed! Untethered iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak To Release On Christmas!

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This is big! Nexus S, the so called superior device of the present boasting the latest Android build, version 2.3 or Gingerbread is now no more the lone fighter as folks at XDA have ported Gingerbread to the much older Samsung Galaxy S. I just love it when a developer is a step ahead of the fathers of some software, kudos to you!

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The Cheapest iPad: iNotePad

image thumb64 The Cheapest iPad: iNotePad

Ever wondered what to buy when you you can’t afford the Apple iPad? Especially those who would rather not buy a tablet at all if it isn’t the iPad? Don’t guess too long as there is something that you can buy for cheap without switching to any other Android, WebOS or PlayBook tablet.

The iNotePad is the next generation of the famed iPad is a must buy. Why? Because the iNotePad:

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image thumb62 Honeycomb Will Be Android Version 2.4 Not 3.0 [Rumor]

Android 2.3 aka Gingerbread has blessed numerous Android based devices and we have been a bit confused on what the next version is going to be. I initially thought that Google would readily let go of the 2.x version after Froyo and that the next update would be 3.x. Wrong I was and I might just be wrong for the next update too.

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image thumb61 Delicious Is Not Shutting Down, Definitely Looking For Life Outside Yahoo!

Alright enough with the rumors on Delicious having the plugged pulled out by Yahoo! The people at Delicious have stepped out of the den and using the blog to pluck any suspicion about this happening. Relax loyal Delicious users, the service is here to stay.

Rumors started rolling out yesterday when there claims of Yahoo! selling off Delicious just because it serves no purpose at Yahoo. Agreed but that doesn’t mean Delicious itself is a service destined to be doomed. The folks at Delicious are however looking forward for a way to create a less Yahoo! dependant firm and we might very well hear a new plan sometime soon.

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image thumb60 Facebook To Generate $2 Billion In 2010, Phenomenal But Not Surprising!

$1 Billion revenue or a $4 Billion evaluation, all are a thing of past as new rumors break out of Facebook expected to generate around $2 Billion for 2010. If I am not wrong and if this by any means is true Facebook has more than doubled its revenue it generated in 2009. That is phenomenal, but not unexpected at least for me.

The social network has more than 500 million users and that continues to grow as more people fall prey to the intricate web of this platform. We have seen how Mark Zuckerberg and his team has taken Facebook from being a social place to a booming business with some bright strategy. Facebook’s virtual currency, advertizing, etc has had a gargantuan impact on the business of the network itself. For any business or advertiser it is a haven serving over 50 billion ads a month and that number is expected to reach a trillion by the year’s end.

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What good is an Apple device if developers don’t have a method to jailbreak those devices? Today NitoTV has released the unofficial PwnageTool bundle that will jailbreak your Apple TV 2G running the iOS 4.2.1 firmware. This would would work quite effectively with the existing version of the PwnageTool, though you would need the tethered boot for this.

image thumb59 Guide: How To Jailbreak Apple TV 2G With PwnageTool

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It has been a really long time when I last wrote a post on my experiences with blogging. One reason was I couldn’t allocate time for this, given the influx of news and posts that need to be covered and with all the tweeting. But I guess I can’t use the above reason as a scapegoat. The major reason is I had nothing valuable to share with the online community and I definitely couldn’t set myself a task to ramble about randomly and waste our readers’ time.

image thumb58 6 Essential Tips For Bloggers To Earn Respect!

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We have talked about how to jailbreak your PS3 using HTC Desire and it was fun to do. But Desire is now old school since the release of the newer Desire Z and Desire HD alongside HD2. Hence for those of you who own a Sony PlayStation 3 and the HD2, there’s some god news, you can use HD2 to jailbreak or downgrade your PS3.

image thumb57 How To Jailbreak PS3 With HD2 With PS3DJB App

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