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linkedin logo 300x199 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional ConnectionsLoads of text is always a bit difficult to digest, especially when you can ensure the information is pushed forth in a much better manner using visuals. I mean think of it if I could visualize the news feed on my social networking profile and have them sorted in categories defined via keywords. Life would have been really simple and would have ensured I respond to things I like the most.

image thumb44 LinkedIn Introduces InMaps To Help Visualize Your Professional Connections

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image thumb42 White iPhone 4 Coming Out Tomorrow ?[Rumor]

Rumors have been a vital part in any and every Apple news off late, especially for its products like the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad and the iPod 2. Well there has been one set of rumors about the White iPhone 4, that has seen everything from possible release dates to being pulled off the Apple Store. It appears we might just be in for another surprise.

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Who wouldn’t try thinking of a way to smuggle a few iPhones across borders and countries? I mean it’s not like smuggling life threatening items like drugs, endangered species, etc, but stealing is stealing nonetheless and the worst bit is to fail doing so.

image thumb41 How To Smuggle 44 iPhones… to Fail!

That is what Engadget reported earlier. A 60 year old woman trying to even out her age by smuggling 44 iPhone devices from London to Israel. She was caught at the Ben Gurian International Airport, upon reaching the destination. The old lady had all those 44 iPhones strapped around her waist and no matter how enthusiastic she was, walking with all those Apple iPhones around her waist proved to be a bit awkward and caught eyes of the authorities.

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image thumb40 Apple iPad 2 Production To Begin in February–Rumor

As February draws closer rumors appear to be turning into more concrete news on Apple and its next generation of the iPhone and the iPad. According to latest news the production of iPad 2 is set to step into pilot production from next month. This would eventually catch more flare towards the end of June before Apple finally starts shipping the devices.

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The iPhone Dev Team has have managed to port the Monte technique to the iOS 4.1. The technique would enable users to readily untether the iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak on any of your iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad.

image thumb39 Redsn0w 0.9.7 Will Untether iOS 4.2.1 Jailbreak With iOS 4.2 Rather iOS 4.2 Beta 3

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image thumb38 Update iPhone, iPod Touch And iPad To iOS 4.3 Beta Without Developer Account

I know how frustrating it is at times to have a beta release of the latest iOS and not being able to take it for a spin as it is only for the developers. However a method has been found which would enable users to restore their iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad on iOS 4.3 Beta without necessarily having to have a developer account.

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Pod2g announced a short while back about what has been happening recently amongst the developers. Apparently Pod2g has been working together with Onaj and p0sixninja on an untethered jailbreak for the iOS 4.2.1. The problem is the video shared doesn’t really demonstrate if this is untethered jailbreak is based on the bootrom exploit or is userland based.

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image thumb37 Google Says Goodbye To Eric Schmidt, Larry Page Takes Charge As Google CEO

Eric Schmidt of Google has decided to take a bow from his position as Google’s CEO. It took him 10 years to head what started off as a plain, simple and not so glamorous looking search engine that expanded into the most vital tools of our every day lives today. YouTube, Chrome, Gmail, Gtalk, Google Docs and what not? Of course that’s the hard work and untiring efforts of the entire team but he Eric Schmidt had been heading this since 2001.

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image thumb35 Groupboard: Chat And Draw In Real Time With A Free Multi User Whiteboard On iPhone, Android And iPad

Groupboard is a multi-user whiteboard that lets you draw and chat in real-time with other users over the internet. The startup has been around for quite a while starting back in 1998 as the first online whiteboard. But there has been a constant change and evolution, primarily for the fact that the way we use the Internet has evolved and changed drastically.

he word Internet is more about mobility and it is for this very reason that Groupboard has recently released Android and iOS app versions of Groupboard, allowing users on a web browser to draw together in real-time with users on mobile devices. That means you have the option to utilize the same on the numerous HTC devices, Samsung, etc as well as taking advantage of the Groupboard on your iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad as well. (Read More »)

image thumb34 iOS 4.3 Beta 3 Will Bring Camera, FaceTime And More To The iPad 2

There has been a lot of hype of late associated to Apple Products, especially about the coming of the Verizon iPhone 4 in February as well as the possible announcement of the iPad 2 by April. There is a lot of speculation regarding the iPad 2, primarily associated to the device having dual camera as well as a higher resolution to name a few.

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