overpic thumb Overpic.net: Uploading pictures never gets OVER! What could be better than having your images stored in one place and being able to share them with anyone by simply providing a link then Overpic.net is here with an offer for photo fanatics.

It provides an easy way of sorting images in one place in the easiest and quickest way. The site enables a user to upload an image and in turn generates a unique URL for each upload. Your job now is to copy/paste the link anywhere; from email to messenger clients (no need to attach photos to your mail or wait for the download to complete).

The site provides this service and more importantly it has no limit set for the number of uploads per user (when I uploaded it was already hosting 60 photos).

The free and unlimited storage can make it a popular image hosting site and the URL assigning system is quite forgettable for the user (how can a user remember each URL that corresponds to each photo?). They can work out by archiving photographs according to user ID and Date the photos are uploaded on.