image thumb50 Orkut Out Facebook In, Facebook Out [If..] Diaspora In.. Wonder If Addressing Privacy Really Help Grow Phenomenal?

Such is the extent of people’s angst against Facebook and its attitude to juggle around with user privacy that people have actually started to Google tutorials on how to delete their accounts. And while that wasn’t enough, the people are actually willing to spend cash on Facebook breakaways. How? Ask the four NYU students who have decided to bring in a new Social Network that won’t trade user privacy with every Tom, Dick and Harry in business.

The four students, Ilya Zhitomisdkiy 20, Raphael Sofaer, 19, Max Salzberg, 22 and Dan Grippi, 21; decided a few months back that it was time to make a move away from Facebook and initiated a project by the name of Diaspora. The software will be free to use and open for all programmers to work and build on. The idea is to give users back the control over their data, which Facebook appears to be taking away from them.

The success of this idea can be figured out by the fact that the four have raised around $24,000 since the project’s launch on April 24 using Kickstarter, a startup that helps people find support for their ideas.

Diaspora: Personally Controlled, Do-It-All, Distributed Open-Source Social Network from daniel grippi on Vimeo.

Social Networks have and will over time have a a very major role in our daily lives and it is definitely a huge space to be controlled by one brand alone. The direction in which Facebook is moving right now, it is evident that people who are either very serious about their privacy or they have no idea how to control theirs on Facebook will look out for newer and more secure destinations. But when it’s going to come to branding, trust me Facebook will be the only sure destination everyone has in mind.

Coming over to Diaspora, well this particular project sounds interesting and appears to be hitting the right cords of user demands. But it reminds me of time when Orkut was getting all the hype and Facebook popped up. Remember how we thought that it will be the most secure social network ever? And now we are complaining as it has evolved. To me Diaspora is what it is: Today’s Facebook and tomorrow’s Orkut.

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[image with thanks New York Times]