orkut logo Orkut finally comes to the iPhoneiPhone since its release has gained a lot of popularity and still it continues to grow at a large scale. Hundreds of iPhone applications came out and a lot more are in the pipeline. Social networks are also one of the popular places for internet users where they can interact with others and share stuff such as links, snaps, videos and much more. Now the Google owned popular social network Orkut is available as an iPhone app.

Other social networks such as Facebook and MySpace have already been there almost a month ago. It may be because of the fact that Orkut is very popular in Brazil and iPhone became available there just last week. So if we see that way, the release is not that late at all.

iphone orkut thumb Orkut finally comes to the iPhone

Image Source: VentureBeat

To access the site, you just need to log on to http://m.orkut.com in the browser of iPhone. Following are the features you will be able to access:

  • Your personalized home page with status and activity updates from your friends, along with all-important birthday reminders
  • Your scrapbook where you can both read and write scraps
  • Your friend list with one-click call access to anyone whose number is publicly displayed on orkut
  • Fully functional search for anyone on orkut so that you can add new friends as you meet them
  • Photos in a rich full-screen format