orkut onlyselectedfriends Orkut adds Photo sharing option

This one’s for photography enthusiasts – Orkut adds a photo sharing option to its social network, so now you can share photos even with people who aren’t on Orkut signed-up for the network. The method is simple, you create an album, go to the ‘share with’ drop down menu and choose ‘only selected friends’. From there you can enter names selected friends on Orkut as well as those of your friends who aren’t on the social network.

The non-orkut friends will be sent the URL to your album, that will guide them to your photo album, allowing them to view with a limited-access, though they won’t be able to view your profile or any other part of Orkut, unless they join. A clip from Orkut’s blog says:

we’re excited to announce a new photo sharing feature on orkut. Now you can share your orkut photos with all of your friends who have email addresses, whether they use orkut or not.