image thumb80 Opinion: Why Nokia Partnership With Microsoft Prove Beneficial For Nokia

There has been quite a stir about Nokia being in talks with the likes of Google in connection to the Android platform. Nokia has of course turned down any possibility of this Android Nokia marriage ever happening. But to the contrary, I believe such a move would only prove beneficial for Nokia in the long run. Of course Android is not the only option. This brings us to the recent news on Nokia in talks with Microsoft, not surprising at all as the two have been in talks now for a couple of months.

We can of course turn this down as a plain rumor for Nokia is adamant at building up on its own OS. There are plans for 2011 and we can expect revamped software and the hardware alike. But just in case Nokia has any plans of extending partnership with Microsoft, it will be quite an interesting move. We have our reasons for this, primarily the fact that Windows Phone 7 recently crossed a 1.5 million unit sale, which shows that the OS in itself is not a risky option to power Nokia devices with.

The question is what is keeping Nokia away from such a partnership? The answer is Meego without a doubt. The Finnish cell phone manufacturer has long term plans to continue working with Meego, but honestly the strategy isn’t really helping them much. Especially in the short run and their main challenge right now is the burst in Android based devices. India, Chinese and the Russian Markets are set to be crowded with these cheap Android devices that could cost as low as a 10 Euros.

We personally believe that both Microsoft and Nokia will have to work together, especially Nokia in order to tap into the smartphone market and gain shares. If Nokia is to pay heed and understand what the consumers at large, especially those looking for an alternative to the iPhone and the Android, a deal to introduce something in collaboration with Microsoft might just prove beneficial. Not just in the short run, but in the long run as well.

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