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Punctuality is an important aspect of life specially when it comes to professional life. Alarms are widely used by people to maintain punctuality. Initially people used to have alarm in clocks but with the passage of time and change in trends, people started moving towards other products which had same feature. Kuku Klok is also such an example. It is an online ‘alarm clock’.

The interface of the site is very simple. You’ll find the logo at the top center of the site along with the ‘SWISS MADE’ tag at the upper right corner. Coming downwards, you’ll be able to see the digital clock at the left and the alarm sound option at the right.

digitalclock Online Alarm Clock: ‘Kuku Klok’ The digital clock shows the ‘current time’ along with the ‘alarm time’. You can set the alarm (hour and minutes) by clicking on the ‘+’ or ‘-’ sign. Specific sounds can be used for the alarm which can be previewed as well. Currently the site contain 4 sounds namely ‘COCKEREL’, ‘CLASSIC CLOCK’, ‘ELECTRONIC’ & ‘SLAYER GUITAR’.

Once you’re done setting the alarm time, you just have to click on the ‘SET ALARM’ button and you’re done. If you feel like changing the alarm time, you can do so by cancelling the current alarm and resetting it.

Some of the positive points we came through this site were that firstly its free, secondly you don’t have to register/signup to avail the service and thirdly you have to connect to the internet only once, until the application is loaded, which is cool, isn’t it? Also you don’t have to browse many pages to use the application because the site contains only a page.

The website reads:

Once loaded, the online alarm clock will work even if Internet connection goes down.

The service can further be improved by adding more ‘sounds’ for the alarm along with an option to customize the tones. Furthermore some mobile compatible applications can also improve the service. Only the current service is not good enough. If you have a cell phone where you can set alarm and tones according to your choice, would you ever use this service? Probably no, so in order to get better use of the site, this service needs a lot of enhancements, which hopefully we will be able to see in the coming days.

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Source: KillerStartup