image thumb20 Off The Quad Launches Exclusive New Social Experience Powered by TrendsttrToday, Off the Quad (, a digital marketing startup for the college demographic based out of Boulder, Colorado, announced the relaunch of Off The Quad Inc., the launch of Trendsttr and a new Facebook-only experience for its community. Now, on top of going to classes, doing homework and all the other “boring” stuff, students have access to the exciting things they simply can’t miss around their college town. Off The Quad helps students discover events, places and products they didn’t know about, giving them an effortless way to see the best-of happenings around them. The new Facebook experience will create a community exclusive to those students with the most social influence on campus.

Trendsttr is a new service that uses a proprietary algorithm to measure and identify the most socially influential college students on campuses nationwide. It will power Trendsttr’s exclusive community. Students will be able to engage with and challenge each other on Trendsttr to find out what their score is versus their friends. Consider it friendly, social competition. Those with the highest Trendsttr scores will win prizes and be offered exclusive deals and insight from the hottest brands.

Brand partners will have access to the most influential college students nationwide who drive buzz and influence purchasing decisions on their campuses. Off The Quad is providing a new way to engage trendsetters on campuses through free offers of exclusive products on hyper-local and national levels.

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