odesk oDesk raises additional $15 million for Outsourcing Development oDesk a site that enables companies to filter through an endless list of developers through tests; include aptitude scores based on site standardized texts has raised $15 million in a Series C funding round led by DAG Ventures.

Benchmark Capital, Globespan Capital Partners and Sigma Partners who are the existing partners also participated in the round, bringing the total funding of oDesk to $29 million.

The site has raised service transactions worth $32 million since it was launched and it keeps 10% of all fees. The site is desirous of using the money to help ignite growth and take advantage of any and every opportunity that they come across.

oDesk’s mission is to provide the best network of technology providers through screening, testing and feedback and enables buyers to efficiently hire, manage and pay service providers globally.

Information from CrunchBase