nutshellmail snap thumb NutshellMail: ‘Squeeze all my messages here!’

The word ‘universal’ is always acceptable to the large number of people and the need o have the word associated with everything they have. We have had quite a man services turning into one stop solution to everything and social networking, emails, etc are no exception. NutshellMail a web based service; makes its way with the helpful method of transforming your primary mail account into a universal one enabling you to access, manage and monitor all your email and social networking accounts.

nutshellmail NutshellMail: ‘Squeeze all my messages here!’ Still in beta testing after being found by David Lyman and Mark Shmulen quite some time back, the service offers a lot to everyone, from saving time and the task of hitting in and remembering passwords for various accounts scattered all across the web to accessing external messaging accounts. This comes in handy, as quite a lot of organizations restrict employees from accessing various services, like Orkut etc, with this they can have access to the restricted services without breaking the rules of their organization.

So how does it work?

NutshellMail makes works by retrieving copies of all the messages that are received in various accounts in form of a snapshot which is then mailed to your primary account associated with NutshellMail upon update. What is the NutshellMail Email update? It’s more like a gateway that provides an access path to the very many services, including the ability to directly respond to messages through it. The update is based on how often you like to get your messages to the NutshellMail.

The Inbox as briefed above lets you switch over accounts without the need to hit in login information and redirected to the mail providers by hitting the logo.

The service is compliant with all the policies related to the corporate email and internet so you don’t have to bother about I having you go against those laws and letting you make get access to all the services you usually do. Privacy? I guess there are quite a lot of services we already use and like all of them they promise keeping users privacy under protection.

NutshellMail offers a relief from the hassle involved at managing the countless accounts and if it were to step on at the pacing up its public release. It would be a big turn off if they make users wait so long and offer them nothing that is different to the services that already exist.

nutshellmail snap1 thumb NutshellMail: ‘Squeeze all my messages here!’