image thumb74 Nokia X3 02: The Hybrid Nokia Phone With Touch And Type

I admire Nokia for everything, the great number of mobile devices it has given us until Apple stepped in with the iPhone and Nokia began losing ground. Not that it has lost its position of being the market leader in mobile arena, but it has become less alluring. Well at least for the more style savvy folks. Anyways, coming to the news, the Finnish cell phone manufacturer has released the latest mobile device in the X-Series by name of Nokia X3-02, making the device sound more like a License place of a vehicle and less of a mobile.

The X3, as I would put it is a hybrid of the ancient with the modern. Primarily because Nokia sticks to its habit of taking tradition along. The device boasts a standard numeric Keypad with a small touchscreen, the device from the first looks, gives a typical Nokia look of perfection. But, it’s the software I detest, the X3 runs on the more ancient Symbian S40 operating system, which should be enough to make you realize that we aren’t talking about a great user interface. Other than that it looks quite good. The specs for the device are as follows:

  • A 5MP camera – which is becoming a default for all Nokia phones
  • Music player and FM Radio
  • Keypad
  • Touchscreen
  • 3G and WiFi connectivity

The device would be out in the markets before the year’s end and would cost those in the US around $161. I am guessing the device would cost roughly 15,000 Rupees in Pakistan. Once again, the device would do great with the masses, but would dent Nokia’s attempts to strike the latest smartphones. Perhaps this is exactly what Nokia opts for and a major reason why it won’t adopt other mobile operating systems like Google’s Android. Whatever my complains me, the masses, where Nokia is dominant find the Symbian easier to operate and are accustomed to it. We might actually see a slow transition of Nokia towards an all out touch device with a more complex User Interface. I mean a sudden change might actually hurt Nokia’s reputation, given the fact it cant compete the likes of Android phones and the iPhone.

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