image thumb4 Nokia to Launch iPhone competitor ?

Nokia World, a premier event held every year by the mobile giant to show case its concepts and upcoming products is now under way in Barcelona, Spain. Robert Scoble, who is attending the event is predicting that Nokia is about to launch an iPhone competitor in this event. I wont be much skeptical about this as even Microsoft plans to do so with the launch of their Zune phone. So why not Nokia, whose bread and butter depends on having the front row seat in mobile electronics arena.

When we got here a Nokia executive met me and bragged that the Internet has no clue what they will announce this week. I asked “what about the touch screen cell phone that I’ve seen rumors about?” He said that no one had gotten it right yet. The announcements are on Wednesday morning (it’s early Monday morning as I post this) so we’ll have to wait to see what they announce. He told me this is one of the only times he can remember when a big announcement has not leaked. He said that even internally only a handful of people have seen the new device they’ll be announcing on Wednesday. Does that tactic sound familiar? It should, and is only one of the reasons why this is Nokia’s touchiest week.

Robert Scoble