image thumb41 Nokia takes a hit as shares fall by 6.02%

Nokia has ruled the mobile market for quite a long time now but it appears that the cell phone manufacturer has got worries knocking its doors. The manufacturer faced a tick over 6% slip in shares as the losses hammered to a whopping $842 Million. The reason for this plunge? Well the market is so filled with variety now, you have the iPhone that caters to the need of the vast user base in the 15-30 year age group, then you have the much cheaper devices that are feature rich coming from LG and Samsung at such a high rate that things tend to get quite problematic for Nokia. I guess what needs to be done is that Nokia needs to inject some newer blood into its models that compete the market in every possible way. To be honest, any Nokia device would last longer than the many high end phones out there but at the end of the day it’s all what the consumers require and while Nokia has been satisfying its users for ages, the younger generation just doesn’t appear to be so.