image thumb10 Nokia Says Yes To Windows Phone 7: Because iOS Won’t Sell And Android Is On The Hated List!

This is big, really big and hopefully will lessen my hate for both Nokia’s smartphones and the Microsoft Windows Phone 7 alike. Today Nokia officially announced its partnership with Microsoft to port the Windows Phone 7 as its primary mobile platform.

Nokia definitely needed this change for it had been wasting its line of great hardware with the Symbian and its MeeGo platform is still quite a long way from practicality, though Nokia has ambitious plans for it. The marriage will bring the much promising Windows Phone 7 platform to Nokia’s devices and Nokia fans, and even those who want a solid mobile operating system to give them more on the device than just making calls, messaging or taking great pictures. They will have the XBox Live, to add a great gaming experience as well.

I look forward to a great year ahead and I might just make a switch to Nokia or Windows Phone 7, if they both come bundled in one package! Will you?

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