image thumb57 Nokia Research Center: Making Life more Mobile

The place is very peaceful, nothing close to the bustling cities I have grown used to, but Helsinki did give a chance to get an idea of what the research is about at Nokia. Sounds more like a travelogue doesn’t it, but I will keep it that way since I am traveling. Cutting the lectures short, I was lucky to get an over look on what Nokia is busy with.

To be honest Nokia has done a pretty good job with the Nokia Research Centre. A place to experiment what innovative ideas can be put to use and improving each based on the reviews. The Beta Labs, which I primarily thought was some sort of a standby or a competitor to be of the Ovi Store, which it isn’t of course provides the right platform for open innovation, with ideas and projects coming from a countless people around the globe. From a handwriting calculator to the Braille Reader, the experimental aspect does a fine job at bringing innovation to the masses and adding more usability to the devices, making them all a lot easier. Many would have never really given it a serious thought, but the cell phones will play the most important part in our lives. I guess Mobile Mixed Reality is all about that.

The Research Center builds itself up on the 500 or so people who are the part of it, juicing innovation out from institutions to form a better strategic collaboration. The Ovi Share is another idea coming from such collaboration.

The device enables easy syncing of your phone contacts with the Ovi Store, without the need of going to the website from your device. Plus adding apps or backup your data at the store to load it up in a new phone you buy. Works on radio technology and is definitely a lot faster than the wireless connection you would use to do the same. However, I was just left asking myself this, why would someone buy an extra device for this? Perhaps it could be made available in the retail stores, where users can simply put the cell phone on the device and transfer it wherever they  are, otherwise it’s just an addition to the weight. This in no way means the device was useless. Oh, and adding the use, it can read, transfer, download and backup your items from the phone even if its switched off.

The video below is of another Nokia innovation in plans. Provides information about the various places in your vicinity by alerting you if there is a review available about it and giving you more information if you shake the device, pointing it in the same direction.