When Computerworld’s report read that Nokia is planning a really busy 2011, I was a bit lost. Isn’t that what they have been doing or at least trying to do since 2008? We have seen that the devices so far released haven’t really left a desired impact on the mobile market with the sudden burst of so called high end, revolutionary smartphones in the form of Nokia N97, Nokia N900 and the very recent Nokia N8 that qualifies as a pretty decent attempt.

image thumb54 Nokia Plans To Make 2011 Big, Eyes Dual Core Phones And “True Zoom Camera”

The next year will be busy as Gunther Kottzieper hinted at the Nokia devices will feature 5 major updates to its Symbian OS interface plus shipping dual core phones. This was hinted at by Gunther at the Mobile Internet Conference in Beijing, China. Other notable hints included:

  • HTML5 browser
  • An improved user interface and an easier software update
  • A better browsing experience
  • 50 plus updates to the Symbian feature list
  • A possibility of phones powered by up 1GHz processors
  • True Zoom Camera [an optical zoom most probably]

All this was revealed in the slides at the conference. I guess the new management is all charged up to bring a positive change in anticipation that Nokia can achieve what it has been trying to since the coming of N97, etc.

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Computerworld via Engadget