image thumb82 Nokia officially launches Ovi Store and accompanying issues as well

Nokia officially launched its mobile content and application marketplace; the Ovi Store today. The store is another attempt by the Finnish handset makers to grab a solid share in the market as it continues to see a drop in revenues. The launch itself was hindered by a few bumps as users failed to access the store upon its launch, which was most probably due to the sudden surge in traffic. Now this might happen if the traffic makes a sudden jump, but it was quite careless of Nokia to not pay attention to this issue. Primarily because the store holds a lot of importance for the handset manufacturers and when you have a lot of stakes on a product or service you need to make sure it’s closest to perfection. There were also reports that stated issues with apps appearing and disappearing at will and an extended time taken by pages to load. Feel sorry for what happened and I hope it didn’t really put off all the people behind the Ovi Store and they make the experience at the store even better.