image thumb4 No Need To Jailbreak Your iPhone For Torrent Apps As BitTorrent App Gets Approval From Apple

Apple seems to be embracing more openness on the apps at the App Store and it almost instantly got the much troubled Google Voice app clearance in the market. But when you talk about Google it doesn’t have too many legal issues as compared to the torrent sites. Apple surprisingly has approved one such BitTorrent based application on the App Store.

The torrent management app called the IS Drive which was previously named Jack Torrent and was available on all devices running on Jailbroken iOS from Cydia. The new, official app would enable iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users to easily manage torrents from the ImageShack torrent service. The app is not free and is a premium service but I bet owners of Apple’s products would be more than happy to see this happening especially given the fact that Apple had refused to allow any such apps on the App Store. The reason is always Apple’s strictness on safeguarding third party rights.

In my opinion such a move is a bit hard to digest, Apple is not known for such leniency but the recent steps taken indicate a more open strategy of the Steve Jobs’ brainchild. The whole thing is to get the developers more actively involved with creating applications and more openness from Apple means a harder fight for the Android platform. The primary reason why Android has rocketed to grab huge apps is because of readily embracing developers. But if this is to happen, we all know that Apple is the first choice of many smartphone users. More freedom would mean more developers flocking in to create apps freely and with that happening we know where the market shares’ are going to tilt.

Developer Derek Kepner at TorrentFreak sounded pleased with this development. He couldn’t have put it more currently when he said that breaking the law is the users’ business and neither Apple nor a Torrent site. I mean you won’t put a halt to the assembly line if some folks use those for robberies, would you?

You can purchase IS Drive on the App Store for $4.99.

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