image thumb87 No IPO In 2010 Too Says Facebook

Despite all the revenue in pocket and the network ever expanding, Facebook still think its not the time to eye going public in the current year. The reason? Well it has all the money, a large capital and no fear or need to return back to investors, the idea of making an exit sounds pointless to say the least. That is quite a dent on hopes that many had.

Many interested folks were thinking that the social network would go public in 2010. However the people should have given up all hopes when DST made a massive $180 Million investment in Zynga, which by far is the largest developer on the Facebook Platform. That particular investment at large along with added stability to Facebook had done the trick and its investors have shut doors for the IPO in 2010. Plus the investors still think that the social network needs to mature more with time and added investments from other parties would solidify the social network’s position.

That is sad for the prospective investors sitting outside the company’s existing ones and hoping to have their bit of share in its stocks. But I guess that is still a whole year ahead and the only way they can be a part of some Facebook related investment, they will have to make way through the apps that continue to roll out in large numbers across the network. I just have a question, when exactly will Facebook go for an IPO? Can the social network rise enough to challenge Google in the long run?