image thumb139 NewsPapers/publishers invited to share videos on YouTube: Google

Google is making moves to make itself the leading source of everything, from information, videos to news. Presently the search giant is inviting publishers to upload their video content at YouTube. YouTube news manager, Olivia Ma says anyone who has  their site indexed at Google can register as a news partner. These videos will be featured at YouTube’s news channel, like wise the advantage with doing so will be that publishers will be able to share revenue generated via the videos, unlike how things happen at Google News. Whatever the case be and no matter how big a reach that YouTube has, it will take quite some time before publishers actually start migrating from the platforms they usually use like Brightcove, etc. Especially given the fact that they are allowed to sell their own ads at the same time expanding their reach to various other networks. However the attempt by Google is definitely worth a mention as it continues to focus more on professional content.