newsbeet12 NewsBeet: Get your News BEETing at one placeYou must have heard the phrase “beat about the bush? or let’s beat him up. I thought this was all I would come across, when I stumble upon NewsBeet, developers using beetroot to name their service :s.

A platform for you to put up all the news that interests you; at last all the news you want to cover at one place. Just pull in all the feeds, plug them and publish and you have your own news beating.

The platform lets you capitalize on the service (could be your own story), and have the reader voting it, higher the number of votes, greater the chances of making it to the front page (wasn’t this your dream?). And its not just stories, you can have photos, videos, socialize with others and there is always a chance to make some green bucks (Plenty of advertising widgets and a promise that NewsBeet shares the revenue with you).

The idea was developed by two brothers who felt the need to track and share all the news about their favorite NBA team and are now developing it into a bigger venture (pretty stepwise).

The platform for NewsBeet is built on Pligg and they are pretty vocal at showing gratitude to them.

In their beta stage and already beeting up the web; the developers think of it to have INFINITE possibilities (I hope they don’t get rash and pull plugs into every other service), with their brains munching up more uses (UserBlog, IndustryBeet etc). The entire thing sounds pretty possible, but from where I see things (the hype) I fear they might fizz off like Soda.

newsbeet2 NewsBeet: Get your News BEETing at one place