aws console New Web based AWS Management Console for Amazon EC2

Amazon Web Services announced recently that the Web-based AWS Management Console is released providing easy-management of Amazon EC2 environment. Users can now use the environment via a point-and-click interface. It’s an easier way to gain access, where the console provides you entry through your Amazon user-ID/password.

You can forget about Firefox’s popular extension Elasticfox because the EC2 environment  is a far more quicker and accessible method. The console features carry:

  • AMI Management: browse and search AMIs, launch instances from AMIs, deregister and register AMIs.
  • Instance Management: launch, reboot, terminate, get console output, RDP/SSH help, etc.
  • Security Group Management: create and delete security groups, add and remove permissions, configure firewall settings, open and close ports.
  • Elastic IP Management: create and release IP Addresses, associate IPs to instances.
  • Elastic Block Store: create, delete, attach and detach volumes. Take snapshots and manage snapshots.
  • Key Pair management: create and delete public/private key pairs.