image thumb56 New Email API Going Live Next Week On Facebook: Better Policies And Neater Feeds!

There has been quite a stir within Facebook over the the last two months and the social network has actually made people aware of what development is in plans with its roadmap. Earlier today the social network made another update regarding the New Email API, (it had earlier activated replies to statuses via Email). The idea of the roadmap is just to give a tip to all the Facebook addicts what lies ahead and what is being worked upon by developers.

The New Email API will be live on January 20 and the update gives developers a tip on how exactly it will be working. This would give them the power to decide how exactly how they can utilize this with two options to begin with. Those options in brief state:

  • Permission to share email optional. Meaning that apps, etc can communicate with you via email.

image thumb57 New Email API Going Live Next Week On Facebook: Better Policies And Neater Feeds!

  • Another to let developers decide if users can share their email to use the applications. Which means that apps that have the permission can contact you on your mail for updates, etc.

image thumb58 New Email API Going Live Next Week On Facebook: Better Policies And Neater Feeds!

To me it sounds like users will be jumping out of the frying pan into the fire. We all know that apps will soon have trouble pushing updates through news feeds and to keep your feeds clean and yet keep you updated, the email is a better option. Rightly so, I know many people who have a specific email for Facebook that they share around on numerous sites, meaning they wont have trouble with the updates those apps send, a fair trade to keep their feeds tidy. The social network is head over heels to create awareness about it as well and will be having a notifications on each apps page that lets users decide if they need to share their email or not. And that doesn’t mean apps can spam your email too like they do so with your notifications!

image thumb59 New Email API Going Live Next Week On Facebook: Better Policies And Neater Feeds!

The social network also released certain policies that apps will have to abide in order avoid being marked as spam. This is quite nice, I mean it isn’t really Facebook’s responsibility once I have shared my email with a third party developer, but the social network has definitely defined the limits for developers clearly in the policies and abuse of this can lead to those being banned from Facebook’s platform. Following are the policies in draft:

  • You must not give or sell users’ email addresses to any third party or affiliate.
  • You must comply with the provisions of the Federal Trade Commission’s CAN-SPAM Act and all other applicable spam laws (e.g., provide a visible and operable unsubscribe mechanism and honor opt-out requests within 10 days).
  • You must explain clearly to users, in a privacy policy or elsewhere in a conspicuous place, how you will use their email addresses.
  • Emails you send must clearly indicate that they are from you and must not appear to be from Facebook or anyone else. For example, you must not include Facebook logos or brand assets in your emails, and you must not mention Facebook in the subject line, “from” line, or body header.
  • All emails to users must originate from the same domain, and you must provide us with the name of that domain in the Facebook Developer application used to manage your application.