image thumb46 Nanocrowd: A Movie search engine with a twist

There are a countless sites associated to movies in one way or the other, be it voting them or simply asking you to tip in ideas for the next big hit to be. Nanocrowd is another that lets you learn about the flick you plan to watch, these include user ratings, etc. Simply  enter the title of the movie you are need reviews about and leave the rest to Nanocrowd. It not only shows you reviews on the movie you search for, but even those that are related to it and even those that are completely not related to the theme of what you have searched for. The idea is bit inviting but since it’s a startup, the database is pretty small, so you might bee unlucky to not find a movie you are on the lookout for as it might not have been indexed. With time it might just have enough to have crowds flocking to utilize the service.