image101 MySpace to get geared up with Google GearsChris DeWolfe, the co-founder of MySpace disclosed plans at integrating Google Gears with MySpace’s platform. The purpose is to utilize Gears and enable users to access their profiles offline using its API. However he also mentioned that the feature talked about won’t be available anytime soon.

The news was brought forth at TC50 when DeWolfe was interviewed by Michael Arrington. DeWolfe pointed the new idea out stating:

In terms of Google Gears, we are mostly using it with messaging. We are allowing you to take it down to your hard drive. Our next project with Google Gears is to do that with profiles. You will be able to archive it in a timeline, or create a scrapbook of all your profiles.

There were also other key features and services pointed out including the launch of music service this month that is set to have partnerships with major music labels and offer streaming content for free in collaboration with an audience that numbers 120 million. Perhaps the current developments are a bid (quite serious one) to turn MySpace into a success story given their strength in the music, it appears very likely that MySpace might very well charge into terrains where Apple/iTunes is dominant. As DeWolfe highlighted the factor himself stating:

MySpace is very focused on making the new service a success, with more than 70 people, including top MySpace management, working on the project.