image thumb71 MySpace: Leader in Was

It hurts, it always does when you have been an undisputed leader and then lose your position, called number two, etc. MySpace must feel the same and at times I feel it’s just not good to compare it to Facebook for any reason. But that’s how it is, MySpace is no human and I must report on the ever falling influence of it on the Web year after year and that plunge has been more abrupt in the last one year. From providing more than 35% traffic to all entertainment, multimedia websites back in 2006 coming down to less than 10% in the current year, as Hitwise reports. Of course the execs at MySpace need to cut down the cost of running the social network, but does that answer or justify the great plunge? It has to do more than just change the logo to do something about rising up and we wish it good luck for that.