CropperCapture14 thumb MySpace Gives Up Its Fight With Facebook! Implements Facebook Connect

There goes the bail on MySpace. Obviously the once leading social network has given up any and every idea of competing with Facebook in the social networking scene and decided to work with it. Not entirely but in certain manner as MySpace loosened up to implement Facebook Connect. This means the obvious that you can now login to MySpace using your Facebook ID.

Now this isn’t fully implemented and you can’t have full access to MySpace, other than just he Fan Video that exists on the site. Added to this is the fact that this Fan Video is only available for users in the US. And you can login to the page to share videos etc. Also MySpace will not import anything other than your profile picture and your name. The move obviously translates to the fact that MySpace has given its struggle up but still wants to keep hold on the Web when it comes to entertainment.

In my opinion this is just the beginning of a new partnership somewhere in the future. Hopefully the winner will be Facebook while MySpace will manage to hold on to its current position to say the least. But I still think that the social network should try and give a chance to going International on a very real and large scale, though it is quite late to make any impact.