image245 MySpace gets Oodle to power MySpace Classifieds MySpace has been head over heels to gain momentum at capturing the market. It had introduced a couple of changes now and then, the most important being the refurbishing of its layout last month and announcing support for OpenID. MySpace has recently got out with its new classified page that is powered by Oodle (as reported on the blog).

Oodle runs classifieds for various sites including, Wal-Mart, Cox Broadcasting and to name a few. According to Oodle CEO, Craig Donato, Oodle powers classifieds for more than 200 sites with over 500,000 listings each day. The current deal would enable MySpace Classifieds to get access to all those ads, along with those listed on MySpace itself.

What’s the catch? Well, MySpace steps ahead of the marketplace of Facebook and the previous MySpace classifieds that turned up with low offerings. So is the cash ready to flood in? It definitely would, but it’s not going to come in that fast and MySpace will have to wait for this to happen, patiently. This is primarily due to a fact that listings are made for free and the only revenue that MySpace generates or might get a share from would come via featured listings and the likes.

The revenue is also going to be lacklustre because only a million of the 115 million visitors at MySpace look out for the classified section and that needs to be increased in numbers to have any impact whatsoever on the ad revenue MySpace has eyes on.

Nonetheless, MySpace is considered to be a real business and minting some cash for the NWS and the uplift of these classifieds would for sure have people flocking over. How far does it really help MySpace to boost its revenue remains to be seen and the present is too early to predict the future.

image thumb199 MySpace gets Oodle to power MySpace Classifieds