My.Netscape Clones Netvibes
MyNetscape relaunched yesterday as a customizable Ajax start page, which is verbatim as the popular Netvibes. This is yet another attempt to keep up with the fast moving world of startups, where cool new products and services are being launched every now and then. Previously the portal was transformed into a Digg clone.

This is an entrenched battleground with Netvibes, Pageflakes,, Google Personalized Home Page, My Yahoo etc competing against each other.

The startup page is quiet usable and i did not encountered any GUI bloppers.Users have the ability to choose from 91 different modules of customized content and add RSS feed modules for favorite feeds.

Startups are usually cutting edge because the early adopter crowd is tech savvy. If they aren’t innovative no one will shift and people would continue to use Netscape Portal like home pages instead of Netvibes. However the traditional Netscape crowd is from the old days and is by now quiet comfortable with the bloated, ad cluttered Netscape.

It would be interesting to see how the Netscape user base digests this cloning experiment. Experience tells us that the previous one didn’t rolled out as planned.

See Techcrunch and ReadWriteWeb for more.
 My.Netscape Clones Netvibes