image thumb140 Muziic App Comes Fishing Music For Your Facebook

What makes Facebook a winner? Well I think the winning point is that it brings or plans to bring the entire Web onto the Social Network. We have been talking about its exponential growth, how it has become a platform for businesses. Other than that the app makers have seen a booming growth in their usage and with greener pastures available more apps continue to push in and an addition is Muziic.

The app will be of great use for all the music fans on the social network. Although there are quite a lot of music apps already, Muziic stands different in a way that it lets you play music the moment you add the application, which include features songs plus lets you perform searches for music you are looking for. Now one thing to keep in mind is that all the music is pulled in from YouTube [which really doesn’t appeal much to me]. However the winning point is that it lists numerous radio stations which are quite impressively organized so that you don’t have to do all the squandering around when it comes to finding the right station. That does sound impressive and with the promise of no ads flooding your experience, you are in for what you want from the app, music.

The application also lets you create playlists for a much better music experience. Browse or search music, if you like it simply add it to your custom playlist to return and enjoy your favorites time and again. It also offers albums from numerous artists making it ever easier for you to grab songs from your favorite artist. The sharing options are neatly placed too and if you like you can simply publish what you are listening to on your profile, which once again is good given that many apps just go on a rampage with self promotion publishing whatever you do with those apps. TO be honest this is the first app that I have really liked, though I am not much of a Music Fan.

image thumb141 Muziic App Comes Fishing Music For Your Facebook