image thumb150 MSN Fans to paint its Entertainment Sections as it partners with WetPaint

When money is hard to earn and providing customers with all that they want everyone looks for an easy way out. Microsoft is planning to do the same with MSN‘s much liked entertainment as it partners with WetPaint, an easy to use website building platform. This would help reduce Microsoft’s costs of maintaining its entertainment site by letting users create content for them. Reports state that there are close to a dozen sites all set and waiting to go live. I guess that’s making Microsoft a bit more social, given that it has kept itself all caged over countless years, plus giving fans the power to generate content would increase more interactivity as well as saving MSN the ever so dear cash. A very clever move by MSN to say the least (one I wasn’t expecting to be honest). Along with this WetPaint is also working on ways to have Geocities users to transfer their sites to WetPaint.