woopra logo 2 thumb Monitor your traffic in military style   Use Woopra. When I say Military style, I don’t mean that you can carpet bomb your visitors too. But Woopra is the next best thing to Google Analytics ( dare I say even better? ) traffic monitoring. Apart from the usual integration in your website, it provides you with a Java desktop application which shows you realtime tracking of your visitors and live statistics of your website.

Webmasters can claim over 40 different statistical events and analytics. Never before has so much information been instantaneously available to Webmasters.

Most analytical and site statistics are updated once a day at the least, or several times during the day. With Woopra, you get live track of visitors coming and going and moving through your site.

The user interface is very rich and provides you with quick access to all the options and analytics on the home page. It shows you a real time map, so you can know from which part of the world a particular visitor is. You can also view different traffic patterns in various different shapes such as pie charts. You can also manage multiple blogs or websites from the single user interface. It does all that Google Analytics does and it does it better and in style!

The biggest attraction of this tool is it’s live view of events and statistics that no other analytics tool offers. If anyone can and will give Google Analytics competition, it’s Woopra. Highly recommended! ( And did I mention it’s totally free? )

woopra screen capture thumb Monitor your traffic in military style   Use Woopra.