Modified slogan for Wikipedia

Jimmy Wales, Today Observer’s guardian, introduced a new confine slogan for Wikipedia in his column. The site being known as “the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit�? for a long time sounds more like a typical bazaar language instead of sophisticated, well versed sentence.

 Modified slogan for Wikipedia

Wikipedia is an online journal of useful and scalable information.

We are a charitable humanitarian effort to create and distribute a free high-quality encyclopedia to every single person on the planet. Already, we are the biggest, fastest growing, and most popular general reference work in the world. Wikipedia attracts 683m visitors annually, with more than 10m articles in over 150 languages.

According to him, Wikipedia attracts around billion of people around the world and the ratio is expected to be double in the next few years. To cover all the necessary aspects and features of daily changing world, Wikipedia is the symbol of great optimism and the average ratio of individuals who contribute in Wikipedia knowledge by writing or editing articles and blogs belongs to an above average education background. Therefore, there it was a great need of changing the slogan to create the sense of multiethnic culture and to ensure a harmonic participation.

Jimmy defined new slogan as “the online encyclopedia in which any reasonable person can join us in writing and editing entries on any encyclopedic topic.” The new slogan depicts more refined and communal editing block and illustrates the prominence of typical Encyclopedic standard and value.