image240 MobClix: Get stats for iPhone AppsApple’s iPhone ad the App Store have created quite a hype with the success (specially the App Store) both have achieved. With the countless apps ready to be downloaded there is a dire need to have a tool that can help us find out which one is more popular, information on stats about each application at App Store and other information. MobClix is exactly the tool you need to have for mustering all the information about a particular app before you finally decide to get your hands a it.

MobClix also promises to make iPhone Applications better and they offer to do this in less than 15 minutes by giving you a code of 15 lines. The tool lets you troubleshoot applications as well as gather real time analytics and let you create applications that are the best amongst many.

image thumb207 MobClix: Get stats for iPhone Apps

So it’s not just ranking that you get, there is more to offer for developers to create and improve their applications. I bet its going to be a winner given that its the first of its kind and being associated with iPhone/App Store makes it stand out.

image thumb208 MobClix: Get stats for iPhone Apps