salvatore riina thumb Mob Wars: Facebook app leads to real life mob mania

Mob Wars – the popular Facebook app apparently under going a case surrounding rights issue, was resolved. On the other hand there’s been a surge of fan following on Facebook for Salvatore Riina, the real-life mobster from Italy. To let you know who more about Riina, he inspired the making of the movie ‘the Godfather’; enough said. Though the rise in his fan following on the social network has seen protests in Italy, causing Riina’s victims’ families anger.

The case surrounding Mob Wars however was based on Social Gaming Network’s (SGN) claim that as per agreement Psycho Monkey and SGN will both be permitted to build more apps using the same template. Psycho Monkey’s founder David Maestri came up with the concept for Mob Wars, while working at SGN. Above is Riina’s photo from his arrest.