image333 MixTube: Create and share playlists from YouTubeWho says that shutting down services like Muxtape etc would prevent the developers out there from coming up with something more? Music always finds a way to the ears of its lovers and MixTube is the best alternative that music lovers have. A chance to create their own playlist or browse and listen to the many already been created.

MixTube lets users upload YouTube videos by simply adding its URL to your playlist. The other option asks of simply adding the username registered at YouTube and MixTube will fetch the entire video list from the persons account to create your own playlist. Dumb? Intelligent? I say it’s making things easy, if you know of friends who are fans of a couple of bands, have an awesome collection and are registered at YouTube, just hit in their username and the rest is up to MixTube.

There is no fuss about designing the site and adding beauty to it; one thing that pure music lovers wouldn’t even care for if they are getting what they want most, music. The tracks are listed in a top to bottom layout with the video appearing at the lower bottom in a tiny frame, but that doesn’t really matter, for me to say the least.

image thumb260 MixTube: Create and share playlists from YouTube

I sort of liked the service for its simplicity and it hasn’t got anything to worry about as all the content is from YouTube. If trouble comes they have nothing to lose at all.