windowslivelogoso8 thumb Microsoft – We Are Integrating Social Networking into Search And yet again a change comes in Microsoft’s Live Search Platform. This time the change looks good. I had previously reported about URank, a technology for ranking your searches and much more from Microsoft. But this time Microsoft is the power of Social Networking into it’s Live Search Platform sometime next year.

Earlier this year Microsoft integrated it’s search into facebook and last year it funded Facebook around $240m. n a social network-like context, Microsoft’s Spaces, Windows Live Hotmail and Windows Live Messenger will be able to communicate with each other, allowing users to keep in touch, just like Facebook does to some extent, but in separate applications.

If Microsoft gets successful, it can give a heavy headache to Google as Windows Live Services users already boast around 283million, which is more than more than 76% of the world’s top 5 Social networking users included. Maybe that could be the million dollar prize Microsoft is seeking to break in good into the search market.

windowsliveprofilepage thumb Microsoft – We Are Integrating Social Networking into Search

Credit Microsoft

Also that these services are to be integrated in Microsoft’s upcoming OS Winodws 7.

Google earlier took out it’s prototype to Annotate the web, called SearchWiki.

Will Microsoft be able to integrate it’s services and fight with Google at larger broader and more competitive level. Get your comments onboard…

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