image thumb5 Microsoft to buy Yahoo for $20 billion....are we dreaming?

Microsoft spending $20 billion to buy Yahoo‘s search business! Sounds more of a fantasy given that Yahoo’s current position caps it worth $15 billion. I wont put aside a fact that both are eager to figure out some sort of deal; Microsoft needs to make a jump in search business and Yahoo is sinking every moment, but $20 billion sounds more amusing than anything close to reality. Plus the Times of London brought forward was the inclusion of former AOL CEO and ex-chairman Jonathan Miller and Ross Levinsohn, former president of Fox Interactive Media in the Yahoo management.

That may very well be credible and who knows that one of them may very well be in the list of probable CEO’s of Yahoo. There has been no official word about this from any of the concerned parties but there are chances that some sort of negotiations will take place between the two and reach a positive conclusion. But $20 billion..err I am not sure about that.