image thumb148 Microsoft throws up more creativity for the bin; releases second adAfter ripping and blowing and tearing off every bit of creativity to put the lamest ad ever, Microsoft has come up with another ad, this time longer and much better compared to the first. That doesn’t mean it stands to be meaningful, for it still carries the air of what is this actually about?

The ad shows both Bill and Seinfeld being guests at some families’ place, eating up and complaining on the food being the same as they had eaten yesterday.

The major difference the first and the present ad is that the previous was a shorter, for both maintain a bit of senselessness. I mean Seinfeld gets shouted at for cutting his toenails in a bedroom, while Bill is framed for stealing the family giraffe. Here is nothing funny about it, absolutely nothing.

I guess Microsoft is slowly and gradually learning how to make good ads that matter most to people and actually help them to connect. And I am lost at the statement given by  Microsoft stating:

Very shortly, we will move into another phase of the campaign that will be about Windows..

Is this how they are planning to move ahead? Is this what evolving means to them? While they evolve from bad ad makers to good, you all can sit and enjoy the new video.