image thumb145 Microsoft steps into Micromessaging with Vine, a Twitter for emergency?

Almost every one knows the power of Twitter and how it has revolutionized the concept of instantly breaking news to the masses. Seeing that, Microsoft has decided to put its own micromessaging service, Vine for a limited beta test. The purpose of Vine is to act as a pubic information service that helps family and friends be informed in the fastest possible way if someone dear is in need of help with the help of alerts, notifications, etc. Presently the software will be available free of charge and Microsoft plans to introduce premium services for a certain cost. Meaning that it will have a business model compared to Twitter, which so far has none. On a personal note, this just appears to be adding weight to the already overweighing the social media bucket and I for one won’t be putting my memory to test by creating an account here as well. Don’t know about others.