image thumb133 Microsoft should let go of tantrums and get hands on Yahoo

With a mere 9% share in the search market and having dreams of rising fast in the competition to challenge Google, Microsoft should now try and think seriously about its deal with Yahoo. Steve Ballmer must look up to it and put aside the grudges, it’s obvious that Yahoo has had a pretty big punishment for all the thrashing Microsoft’s offer for a deal with Google that has eventually gone to the waste bin. If Ballmer finds it difficult to put aside his grudges he must at least have pity, especially after Yang’s pleading. The positive side of it is that the deal bring the combine share of the two to around 25%, using which Microsoft can generate more traffic eventually bringing for it more business.

Ballmer don’t play around long for I still fear the moment Yahoo puts Yang’s optimism to practicality, Yahoo will turn its face away. Just a dreamy thought, I doubt if Yahoo will ever stand strong.