logo thumb Microsoft PDC – Silverlight for Mobile Coming Out First Quarter 2009The PDC this year has brought to us many announcements, including that of Microsoft Cloud Platform Azure, Live Framework, tool’s etc. One other big announcement which will definitely make a huge impact within a short span of time is of Microsoft’s cross browser, cross platform plug-in for RIA based app’s called Silverlight, coming out for mobile devices.


Silverlight for PC, MAC was just earlier release this month in RTM and now Microsoft has scheduled the first quarter of 2009 for the first code drop of Silverlight for mobile devices. And while Silverlight for mobile will be missing some elements in the desktop that have people excited, Microsoft’s working to pack in other features increasingly considered standard in the demanding world of mobile phones.

Deep Zoom being one of those features that lets you keep drilling into a picture while retaining crystal-sharp clarity on minute details. Amit chopra Senior Program Manager of Microsoft Mobile Development said:

We want to sync up to the desktop and not get on the treadmill of catching up.

The major concern chopra said was of the large size of the silverlight plug-in 4MB,that was very lare for a mobile platform.One option was to have it pre-installed.Nokia has committed to ship the S60 running Silverlight and Microsoft’s said it’stalking to other handset companies.

Microsoft has also said that it will release only one edition for all mobile platforms and not different editions for all. And the mobile browser market is emerging, Microsoft could quickly capture the Rich Media App mobile market with silverlight definitely will give significant tough time to Flash and other rich content visualizers.

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